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The High Stile Range

Short Description

Starting from Buttermere village and after a walk through woods bordering Buttermere lake, the climb to High Crag via Gamlin End is shown; thence the high-level ridge walk NW to  High Stile and Red Pike; before the descent back to the valley by Bleaberry Cove with its secluded tarn.

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The tops of High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike are visited in succession on this famous high-level ridge walk after starting out from Buttermere and via the Scarth Gap Pass track. Featuring tremendous panoramic belvederes from several outstanding vantage points along the ridge to many well-known fells.
^A 20min supplement features the popular classic circuit of Buttermere Lake, never before seen on film or video
Filmed in exceptionally clear summer conditions.
Running Time 40 m
( Re-edited and mastered to maximun DV quality in 2022 )